Monday, 3 December 2007

gardens in the rain

We had a busy weekend, on Saturday I got two walks, the first with both M+J and the second on my own, and we played for hours in the garden, the beans were moving bits of garden around – very strange. Sunday was one longish walk to collect the paper from the post office but then it started raining and it seems that beans aren't waterproof like me, I know I get wet but my skin stays warm and dry – it's really good, I just shake and go. Instead of another walk we played fetch indoors and wreck the cardboard box, I'm very good at that, but after tea I still had lots of energy and was rather bored so I asked Cara to play and she said yes but the beans said no – boring old beans. So I snoozled for a bit and then woke ready to go again and this time my bean gave me a kong stuffed with bread and cheese, that was lovely and kept me quiet for a while, until almost bed time.

Today I've been having 'serious training' I'm not sure about this, it involves lovely meaty treats, today it was corned beef, but it also means having to behave and if I forget myself, which if I'm honest I do rather easily, I'm a Gemini with a butterfly brain apparently, then I get pulled into line and growled at or ignored and I don't like that.

Friday, 30 November 2007

I'm back!

I'm not very good at this – when we're near computers all I do is sleep, work is sooooo boring.

But when we're not near computers – wow, can I go.

I'm nearly all growed up now and am wearing grown up clothes – meaning yesterday I took off my second puppy collar and when I'm at home I don't wear another one, just my dogskin. Although unlike J+M I still wear a collar when out and about along with my lovely burgundy slip lead. I got a brand new snazzy black leather collar yesterday but the Mother Bean says I look like a rotweiler – rotten thing. We go out nearly every day to fetch the newspaper from the Post Office, I'm very good at this. Then sometimes we go again but now it's usually dark and we need the portable light (Maia says it's a torch and I must start using the proper words) so sometimes we play fetch indoors or in the garden which I think I like even better than going out in the dark on a string. But a bad thing now all big is that I don’t seem get supper any more, I have once this week but it was hardly worth calling supper more of a snack, still a Labrador never turns her nose up at anything even vaguely edible.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Ah, so that's what's it's for.

I didn't like to write before as it's been very difficult and has upset the household no end – but at last I understand. The puppy really is for me. We went for a proper, off the lead, walk down the incline and Hebe came too. It was brilliant she ran with me and I was brave enough to run out of sight of the Girl. I've not felt able to do that on my own, so that's absolutely ages ago since Juno last came for real walks with us. I ran and ran and ran and Hebe ran too but she did begin to tire and she can't really run as fast as me but even so it was great. I hope we go again soon.

Friday, 5 October 2007

sorry, folks - I've been busy.

I've been very busy - too busy to tell you all about it. But when I write it down it sounds rather boring.

I've done lots of walking, a bit of training, been out in the big black car on the back seat wearing my green harness (which has had to be let out a couple of times) and in the dog compartment with Maia. But nothing really exciting has happened. We go to work, I sleep, I go out, I sleep some more, we finish work, we eat, I go for a walk, I torment the hound a bit, we watch the box with the moving pictures, especially the game with the oval ball which makes the Beans very excited, we all go to bed – and that's it really. Although I have been making some discoveries when not sleeping.

I like I like loo roll, just like the puppy on the television (all loo roll now removed from range –Beans are rotten).

I like gardening – well I think I do, bull rushes are very tasty, sweet pea flowers are quite tasty too. But I have found some plants that fight back, there's the green one that stings and the long spiky one that grabs you which is very painful if it's your ear or nose. I also met the buzzy stripy flying things, they go crunch but apparently (according to Cara) they can make your mouth blow up – which would not be good, I have to eat. But I have discovered digging which is very good so perhaps I'll be archaeologist.

On the new front: I have several new teeth and a new collar too.

Also I got weighed, I'm now 2stone 12lbs or roughly 18kg, our scales aren't that accurate.

Monday, 17 September 2007

New teeth, new toys.

I have two new teeth – they're going to be my big teeth, I think I ate the little needley ones.

I also have a new toy – it's called Wayne Deer (new teeth have caused a speech impediment!). He's bigger than I am and lovely and soft with several sticky out bits which are perfect for testing my new teeth and working my annoying old ones. I had a purple rubber bone as well but I was rather too good at chewing and it only lasted 15 minutes before the Beans removed it.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

I'm a big brave puppy, I am.

Last week there were men in the garden putting up big poles all over my house, I think it's called scaffolding. Today different men arrived and have been banging around on the roof all day (can’t a puppy get any sleep around here?). Well, one of them came into my garden whilst I was out on my own. I didn't think he should be there without permission so I barked at him, big woofs; although he ignored me and went up the ladder the girls came to see me and The Girl came and told me I was a good girl protecting my garden. So I feel very brave.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Walks and new dish

I've been out again, lots and lots of times. In the morning I go with the big girls to "get the paper" This means we walk to a building called 'Post Office'; we wait outside whilst The Girl goes in and then comes out again with a bag. Then we go home again. In the last couple of days I've been allowed to run with the girls on our road - without my lead. I go out again in the evening, usually on my own (well, with The Girl but not other dogs) we go lots of different places and see and meet lots of new people and things - it's all sooo exciting. At the weekend I went on my own on a different route and walked across a lot of grass and met these greyish woolly beasts called sheep. I'm not allowed to look at these - not sure why but anyway they're boring so that's OK.

But the really big news is that I have a new dish! it's the same as everyone elses. it's shiny stainless steel and holds more food than my little blue puppy dish. I'm growing fast and need lots of Euk. I was two stone on Saturday, that's around 13kg.

Monday, 27 August 2007

I went for a WALK!

What a big exciting world it is out there.

I went out of the gate on my new lead! Maia and I walked (well pranced a bit) 'around the block' turn left out of the gate, through another gate, along a hard road, across a bit of grass, along another road, turn left again and along our rumbly bumby road back our gate. I saw so many new things, hedges, gardens, people and cars. Loads of new smells too. Oh wow – can I go again please???

Friday, 24 August 2007

Ah, that's what it's for!

I know what the green harness is for. You wear it to go in the back of the car, not on the dog shelf but sitting on the back seat! We tried it out yesterday evening. I'm not sure about it, the other girls know where they sit and I've not found my place yet, I'm sure they'll make space for me; we'll have to try again.

Thursday, 23 August 2007

New Clothes

Yesterday (Wednesday) was very good. To start with I got a new lead. It very smart, rope like the big girls but it clips onto my collar. It's a lovely shade of deep purply-red. And for once it's brand new not a hand-me-down. I got to try it out by walking round the garden, it goes very well. Then after a bit of sleep we went upstairs and flapped a yellow duster around – that's great fun. We also looked in lots more cupboards and out of one of them came a green harness. It fits round my chest and over my back; the girl fiddled with the straps and buckles and made it fit me very comfortably. I can run and jump and play and it doesn't bother me at all. But then it was taken off and I've not seen it since.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

A weekend of outings.

On Saturday I went in the car four times! First time was to the vet for another needle. It was very interesting. There were lots of other animals and I got weighed again. I'm 9.7kg – even the vet (a nice lady vet this time) said I was big for my age and she commented on the glossiness of my coat. Then back in the car for trip number two and this time we came back to the house. I was just settling down when I was put in the car again; this was a quick one with a very short stop but only The Mother got out of the car and then got back in and we ended up back at the house. I had a good sleep after that and then – we got in the car again! This time all my people got out and I was left in the car with only Maia. But it wasn't for too long and my Girl came back and we set off again only to end up back at the house again. After tea the other black girls went out (in the car I think) leaving me to play with Cara. When they came back they brought nice smells of food. We got some of it, it's called rice and it's sticky but tastes very nice which makes it worth while chasing the silly little bits all over the floor.

I'm getting very good at stairs now and can even manage to dismantle and climb over the barrier at the bottom of the stairs to go exploring.

I've had some more time walking round and round the garden on my lead. I think I'm getting better.

Friday, 17 August 2007

More adventures....

Monday - We had visitors today. Flag came to say hello, he's been in the wars and is wearing the most ridiculous lampshade. He was quite embarrassed about it and didn't want to play.

Tuesday – today's excitement was a new toy – it's a bell with a ball around it and it jingles when you roll it. It's really, really good. And more visitors, the people from the 'shop' (whatever that is) came to say 'Hi', they really liked me and stayed for a while. They have two Labradors but I wasn't allowed to meet them.

Wednesday – another boring day although there was a delivery of lots of boxes which were carried upstairs. After the boxes went upstairs they came back down again! My people do some very strange things. But I was allowed to investigate the boxes and I had lots of bits of cardboard to play with. I like cardboard. Later on after tea I worked out how to get past the boxes and climb the stairs, it's really good up there, lots of new rooms and things to sniff, lick, pounce on. And the doggie in the window is still there, I wonder it what it does when we're not there. I hope it doesn't get lonely.

When I went out after supper there was a strange browny green waddling thing, it didn’t taste very nice at all. Maia says it's a toad and to pick them up you carefully slide your bottom jaw under its belly and lift, that way you don't get the nasty taste on your tongue, but I don't think my mouth is big enough yet. I hope it comes back soon then I can try it.

Thursday. More office work, but I've been upstairs again. I really do like it up there. I walked round the garden on my lead again today. I'd still rather explore on my own but then again I do like all the good girls.

Oh no.

That damn puppy is now back in our bedroom so there's no rest at all. I must say it's stopped yipping and Maia is very good at diversions.

We had an interesting weekend.

Friday was a boring day, in the office again and despite my best efforts I couldn't distract the people but later on we opened lots of boxes and did things with heaps of paper. I like the boxes, they are lovely for chewing. Having had a boring day I wasn't very tired so I kept calling for playmates and distractions, but my people didn't seem too pleased to be out playing in the garden whilst it was still dark. Saturday morning we did interesting things in the house and garden, I got to investigate those cupboards again, I've not found any more yet but I'm sure there must be some somewhere. We trued the string on my collar again and I discovered that Maia has one too! She doesn't have a collar like mine just a big blue bit of rope that goes over her head. It's a lovely bit of rope just the right size for my mouth. We walked round and round the garden and backwards and forwards. Apparently this is 'doing figures of eight' whatever that is. Well whatever it is I get lots of good girls so I think I like it. In the afternoon the people watched that rugby again, it took longer this time so that was lots of time to sleep. As I'd slept so much during the day I didn't really need to go to bed when it got dark but everyone else went so I thought I would too but I was bored so I decided to explore what I can fit in my mouth. It turn's out to be lots of things if I scrabble at them with my paws first and then gnaw a bit. I like plaster but not wallpaper – that's sticky and tastes funny. But even with all that to entertain me I get lonely and cried for company. It was the Girl who came to see me tonight and she wasn't happy at all. I thought she'd be lonely too and would want to play. Apparently not – oh well.

So eventually we get to Sunday morning and everyone is up and about. We did interesting things in the big doghouse. Everything got moved and there was loads of fluff – I love fluff – but it was all swept up and put in the big black bin. Then even more amazing my cage bed was flattened, moved and made 3d again but in the doghouse! Wow…. And when it was dark that was where I went to bed, with the other black girls but no hound. I don't know where she went but she was there again on Monday morning so it can't have been that far. Everyone keep disappearing up those stairs, I must try to get upstairs again and have another explore.

(sorry it's late folks - there so much to do I keep forgetting to tell you all about it!)

Friday, 10 August 2007

Lots and lots of news

I have such a lot to tell you. The vital bit of electric string that connects Goathland with the rest of the world broke and we've been incommunicado ever since – well until now obviously.

Monday was a day of discoveries. First I discovered cupboards – this house has lots of them, some of them with plates in, others with human bean food, some hot ones (called aga), others which are cold and called fridge and one which is very, very, very cold and is called freezer. Then there are magic cupboards there's the one with the round door where the people put in nice smelly clothes and they come out all wet and not smelly. And then there the one where all the plates that I'd like to lick go, they stay there for a day or so and like the clothes they come our all clean too.
After my post-lunch snooze I went out and found this lovely black rock it leaves black lines on the yard and makes my tongue all black too. The people didn’t approve and took it away, Maia says it called coal and they burn it in the winter to make a lovely warm fire (not sure what all of that is yet but I'll let you know). My last discovery of the day was the big black car which is called discovery – it says it on the door. Maia and I got in the big door at the back and Juno sat on the seat in front– don't know why she doesn't come with us, perhaps there's not enough room. Anyway the noisy bit started and then we went out, I can just see out and I watched some of the world go by, but there was an envelope in the door and tearing that was more interesting. After a bit we stopped and we all got out and guess what? – we'd not gone anywhere at all we were still outside the house, this needs more investigation.

Tuesday I went off on an adventure. There are lots of stairs, the people and Maia too sometime go up them. Well, obviously, I was curious and wanted to know why they kept going up them, so I saved my energy and I went up too. There's another whole house up there – it's amazing. And there's this strange window which has another little doggie in it – wherever I went it followed but it couldn't come out of the window so I had to leave it behind.

Wednesday was a bit boring. There are boxes on the stairs and I can't get past them to carry on my adventure. The people seemed very concerned about the lack of string to the rest of the world and much time was spent plugging in new bits of string and new bits of machinery appeared – it all made strange noises and so did the people there were lots of sighs and huffs and grunts. After tea we went in the big black car again, we were in there longer and the view was different but we ended up back at the house again – very strange we'll have to go again.

Thursday was another boring day in the office – it's very tiring this 'work' lark. In the evening when it got cooler I was playing the garden practising being a gardener which was great. Then all the other dogs were made to go inside and the Girl attached a bit of rope to my collar and pulled it. I didn’t like that and tried my very best to stop it and I yelped and pulled backwards at one point I even fell over but my Girl who is usually so kind and caring just stood there and watched me. When I stood up again and walked a little bit she told me I was good girl and we went a bit further. Then I tried to get out of my collar again and my Girl just stood and stopped talking to me. I like being talked to especially when it's nice words like good girl and well done. I seem to get these when I walk along so I'll try that for a bit and see how it goes – I'll let you know the results.

Monday, 6 August 2007

What a busy weekend.

On Friday afternoon I woke up from my post lunchtime snooze and I was wearing my frock (that's a collar to the uninitiated) I'm not sure I like it that much although everyone says how fetching it looks. It's a bit annoying but I forget about it quite quickly.

Saturday we went in the big black car, I sat on The Mother's lap. It was a long way and I got a bit restless so they pressed a button and suddenly a strange man started singing out of the door – most peculiar but it didn't last long. We stopped and The Girl carried me to a new building, I had to sit still for a bit and then another strange man called us into a room. He looked at me and poked and prodded a bit and THEN he stuck a needle in my scruff – it's a good job I've got lots of spare skin there otherwise it would have really, really hurt but I'm a big bold girl so I didn't grumble about it. I got weighed too, I've put on 1.25kilos in a week, I'm now 7.75kg! After that we came back home and I slept a lot. Maia and Juno say the man with the needle is call 'Vet'.

Saturday evening we watched the talking box - this is really interesting with moving pictures and sound. It was obviously very good because the humans kept jumping up and down and shouting. Maia says it's something called rugby and they normally do this in the winter not usually in the summer.

More discoveries on Sunday. We did lots of things and did lots of sleeping because it was sooo hot! I know about rain we've had lots of that since I was born but this hot ball of fire in the sky is something new. And then I met the guinea pigs. These are small brown and white beings, they go 'weeeaak' and scuttle about a bit in a cage on the grass. They seem quite friendly and came to greet me but they went back to munching the grass and when the cage is moved they behind lovely long bits of very chewy paper. Cara likes these too.

Friday, 3 August 2007

I love my puppy!

I love my puppy although I wish she would leave my ears alone, I've got a thing about my ears and she insists on inspecting them. I have to keep telling her to leave them alone. She's not leaving me as much food now but we cuddle up to snooze and I protect her from strange things. The Girl keeps telling me what a good girl I am so she's obviously pleased we're getting on so well.

It's learning

Well, it's still yipping at me but we're all getting lots of attention. However, I'm settled in my routine and she keeps interrupting me especially when I'm sleeping, as boss (and most senior) of this pack I need a lot of sleep. She's learning to play nicely but does seem a little slow in learning her lessons. I'm sure she'll there – Cara did in the end.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

More photos

So click on "Photos of Me" in the left margin.

I've been very busy, in fact I was a bit too busy yesterday so today I've mostly slept. I still found time for a new activity - it's called gardening and it involves a long green snake which makes strange noises, big containers of water which splash all over, and sometime you pull up plants - I'm very good at that. Perhaps that's what I'll be - a gardener.

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

What a lot of words

I'm learning lots of new words, I know my name – it's Hebe by the way; I know "No" – I don't like that one and I seem to hear it a lot; I think I know "come here" and "drop" means that whatever I'm carrying is about to be removed – again I don't much like that one. "Good girl" I hear a lot and I like that one because it's usually with a cuddle and I like lots of those.

Today I met a new beast it's called a hoover. It makes a lot of noise for no apparent reason, not sure I like that either but the girls don't seem to mind.

I like it here. I was a bit lonely to begin with and I missed my playmates but I've got loads of toys and I don't have to share them which is great.

By the way the flashing thing (Juno says it's a camera) has been out again so some new photos soon...

Monday, 30 July 2007

I've joined a choir.

We practice at dawn or in the early morning. I'm not sure I understand this, I get a-aahed at for barking in the house and the other dogs scowl at me when I yip to invite them to play but then I asked to be let out this morning and the big grey one joined in and then Boss Juno did too but not my friend Maia. We sang for a couple of verses and then we all went out to play on the big grassy area. Then it was breakfast and then outside again and then – oh it was all too much I had to go to sleep.

Oh, wow a puppy all of my very own.

This is fantastic. We run, we play, I get to finish her meals of which there seem to be loads more than I get. And when she's asleep I get to play with the Girl and I'm getting extra cuddles which is great.

Ho Hum.

I'm not sure about this at all.
Blasted puppy keeps waking me up and yipping at me, I growl back and it stops but I have a feeling it's going to take a while for it to learn its manners. But on the plus side I've been allowed back on the sofa and anything that prompts that is, I suppose, alright by me. Monday morning is going almost like normal we're back in the office and I can have a good sleep. My sister Polly came to visit - her Janey wanted to see the puppy. Pol and I had a good grumpy old dog session, she's been staying with family who've got a Rottweiler puppy which she says has very big teeth - at least we've not got big teeth...yet.

Sunday, 29 July 2007

Big news - new start

On Thursday big brother Dan went away with some people. On Saturday my people came and I left the rest of my litter behind and started on my new life. I was sad to leave them and I don’t think they really wanted me to go but this is what we’ve been getting ready for.
After a short time in a moving box - they tell me it’s called a car – we arrived at my new home. I was carried into a large room with lots of furniture and then a Labrador came to greet me. I like her a lot, she’s called Maia. After we’d said hello we then went into a different room and there was another Labrador and a huge grey dog she's an Irish Wolfhound, I’m not sure about her she’s a bit big and rather standoffish. I ran around and around and played with Maia and barked at Juno (she’s the other Labrador) but it’s been a very busy day so I fell asleep under the table.
When I woke up I went outside, the other Labradors came too, we explored the garden it’s got loads of places to hide and things to pick up and run around with and loads of space to dash backwards and forwards, oh and there are lots of plants to nibble and chew too. So much to do…..

Friday, 27 July 2007

more on 'the cage'

Not sure I approve of developments. Cara cage was moved into my doghouse yesterday. Maia was quite happy hoping in and out but it's taking up space and Cara won't fit in so everyone had to be on the big mattress. It worked out OK though, Maia slept in the cage, I wonder if she'll do that with the pup? And there have been muttering about sorting out the toybox, now that is definitely not acceptable. We do have rather a lot but I think I'll have to hide my favourites.

Monday, 23 July 2007

Big developments

The people hauled Cara's (she's the Irish Wolfhound) cage out of the store room – I helped of course. It was a big thing, we had to move the old trunks, the big box of bonios, log baskets, bins of bird food, big white cushions and then lift up and over the trunks and assorted boxes. It rattled and clanked and finally was out on the landing, covered in lovely cobwebs, while I investigated these to see if any spiders remained the people pushed all the junk back to the end of the store room. Then they carried the cage (or indoor kennel as they insist on calling it) downstairs, the cobwebs got mostly removed and the thing put together. I'd forgotten how big it really is although Cara can't get in it now. Poor her, it's a good place to be as you get treats, food and toys but I'm not that keen on having the door closed behind me.

Monday, 16 July 2007

The Diary of Black Labrador

Maia's first thoughts

I'm getting very excited about the new arrival. I like the idea of having a new play mate although I'm not sure if I want to share all my toys, I do like having Bill around and he's OK with my toys but he goes home at the end of the day and he's not here every day. I'm not sure about having to share The Girl, she promises me that it will be fine – we'll see, I'll have to ask Juno see what she thinks.

Friday, 13 July 2007

Growing up fast -

Sorry, I'm not very good at this diary lark yet. My life is one long round of eating, sleeping and destroying something. But there are some more photos of us all, we get to go outside now. The outside world is a big green place full of lots of friendly people and lot and lots of things to jump on, in, hide under and chew but it all gets a bit too much sometimes and it's nice to fall in a heap with the rest.

One month old

We're all four weeks old now and we've got some photos of us. I'm one of this heap.
We're beginning to annoy mum so we're starting on real food. We've all got a bit more energy now and are beginning to get bored so our people very kindly brought us all of these interesting things to mouth and chew.
(oiginally posted 30 June)

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Hello world.

My name is (or rather it will be) Hebe. At the moment I'm a small black bundle in a heap of other black bundles. I'm only a week old - ah - and I'm in a box with my mum, she's called Brandy, and my three brothers and one sister. My new family came to see me at the weekend but as my eyes aren't open yet I couldn't see them, in case you've not guessed I'm a black labrador puppy. This is my blog, or perhaps a blurt, where I and my family can record all my adventures and growing pains.
Well time to sleep again. More news soon...