Saturday, 29 August 2009

Weekend cow & garden

We've been across to Glaisdale today and came home with several large chunks of cow! The girls can't wait until tea tomorrow when they may just get some of the trimmings from the beef. The roads were mad and several visitors in cars, on bikes and on foot tried to write themselves (and their dog on one occcasion)
Spent the rest of the day in the garden, have finally transplanted the hosta to under the new witch hazel - which is supposed to have red flowers in the spring but has small yellow ribbons already! A check with Crocus is in order I think. Then weeding and tidying, a very productive day. But now it's trying to rain.

Both vet patients seem to be improving. Juno's neck is looking much better and Cara's not huffing quite so much. Got some new alternaitve medicines for them this morning. However, Maia's feeling left out and has developed a gluey ear, a few drops of calendula and Merc Cor pills should sort it out.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Vet's sign off (we hope).

Juno had her stitches out yesterday and has healed well. However, she's got an infection in the skin on her neck, probably where the collar caught on the exposed patch where the blood was taken for pre-anaesthesia checks. So now she's back on the anti0biotics (different ones this time, pink ones which of course means Hebe wants them!) and fuciderm on the oozing patch. It's looking a little better this morning.
Cara is much improved still huffing a little but nowhere near as much and is back to her usual houndish self, didn't realise how off colour (a bit difficult with a grey dog) and quiet she was.

Definite nip of autumn in the air this morning, though it was a bit yesterday but today needed my fleece to go down the yard and out to do jobs this morning. The robins are whistling their territories, a sure sign of the days on the turn.

Monday, 17 August 2009


Well, I really think we should take out shares! Juno got a good progress report on Saturday, her wounds are healing well and she's showing no side effects. We've changed Cara appointment to Tuesday afternoon so that she can go straight in for her x-rays and won't have to kept in a holding cage whilst they deal with other cases (very reasonable but a real trauma for Cara).
Hebe, the little monster, has learnt to take the lid of the rubbish bin and is helping herself to kitchen scraps and spreading rubbish across the verandah. She is also standing on the back of the sofa by the window so that she can see out and watch the world go by and give teh rest of the of the pack progress updates in a loud voice.
Although our swifts left about two weeks ago on the way out this morning I heard a single scream and looking up there was one solitary swift circling above the swallows and martins.