Tuesday, 31 July 2007

What a lot of words

I'm learning lots of new words, I know my name – it's Hebe by the way; I know "No" – I don't like that one and I seem to hear it a lot; I think I know "come here" and "drop" means that whatever I'm carrying is about to be removed – again I don't much like that one. "Good girl" I hear a lot and I like that one because it's usually with a cuddle and I like lots of those.

Today I met a new beast it's called a hoover. It makes a lot of noise for no apparent reason, not sure I like that either but the girls don't seem to mind.

I like it here. I was a bit lonely to begin with and I missed my playmates but I've got loads of toys and I don't have to share them which is great.

By the way the flashing thing (Juno says it's a camera) has been out again so some new photos soon...

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