Friday, 17 August 2007

We had an interesting weekend.

Friday was a boring day, in the office again and despite my best efforts I couldn't distract the people but later on we opened lots of boxes and did things with heaps of paper. I like the boxes, they are lovely for chewing. Having had a boring day I wasn't very tired so I kept calling for playmates and distractions, but my people didn't seem too pleased to be out playing in the garden whilst it was still dark. Saturday morning we did interesting things in the house and garden, I got to investigate those cupboards again, I've not found any more yet but I'm sure there must be some somewhere. We trued the string on my collar again and I discovered that Maia has one too! She doesn't have a collar like mine just a big blue bit of rope that goes over her head. It's a lovely bit of rope just the right size for my mouth. We walked round and round the garden and backwards and forwards. Apparently this is 'doing figures of eight' whatever that is. Well whatever it is I get lots of good girls so I think I like it. In the afternoon the people watched that rugby again, it took longer this time so that was lots of time to sleep. As I'd slept so much during the day I didn't really need to go to bed when it got dark but everyone else went so I thought I would too but I was bored so I decided to explore what I can fit in my mouth. It turn's out to be lots of things if I scrabble at them with my paws first and then gnaw a bit. I like plaster but not wallpaper – that's sticky and tastes funny. But even with all that to entertain me I get lonely and cried for company. It was the Girl who came to see me tonight and she wasn't happy at all. I thought she'd be lonely too and would want to play. Apparently not – oh well.

So eventually we get to Sunday morning and everyone is up and about. We did interesting things in the big doghouse. Everything got moved and there was loads of fluff – I love fluff – but it was all swept up and put in the big black bin. Then even more amazing my cage bed was flattened, moved and made 3d again but in the doghouse! Wow…. And when it was dark that was where I went to bed, with the other black girls but no hound. I don't know where she went but she was there again on Monday morning so it can't have been that far. Everyone keep disappearing up those stairs, I must try to get upstairs again and have another explore.

(sorry it's late folks - there so much to do I keep forgetting to tell you all about it!)

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