Sunday, 29 July 2007

Big news - new start

On Thursday big brother Dan went away with some people. On Saturday my people came and I left the rest of my litter behind and started on my new life. I was sad to leave them and I don’t think they really wanted me to go but this is what we’ve been getting ready for.
After a short time in a moving box - they tell me it’s called a car – we arrived at my new home. I was carried into a large room with lots of furniture and then a Labrador came to greet me. I like her a lot, she’s called Maia. After we’d said hello we then went into a different room and there was another Labrador and a huge grey dog she's an Irish Wolfhound, I’m not sure about her she’s a bit big and rather standoffish. I ran around and around and played with Maia and barked at Juno (she’s the other Labrador) but it’s been a very busy day so I fell asleep under the table.
When I woke up I went outside, the other Labradors came too, we explored the garden it’s got loads of places to hide and things to pick up and run around with and loads of space to dash backwards and forwards, oh and there are lots of plants to nibble and chew too. So much to do…..

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