Friday, 30 November 2007

I'm back!

I'm not very good at this – when we're near computers all I do is sleep, work is sooooo boring.

But when we're not near computers – wow, can I go.

I'm nearly all growed up now and am wearing grown up clothes – meaning yesterday I took off my second puppy collar and when I'm at home I don't wear another one, just my dogskin. Although unlike J+M I still wear a collar when out and about along with my lovely burgundy slip lead. I got a brand new snazzy black leather collar yesterday but the Mother Bean says I look like a rotweiler – rotten thing. We go out nearly every day to fetch the newspaper from the Post Office, I'm very good at this. Then sometimes we go again but now it's usually dark and we need the portable light (Maia says it's a torch and I must start using the proper words) so sometimes we play fetch indoors or in the garden which I think I like even better than going out in the dark on a string. But a bad thing now all big is that I don’t seem get supper any more, I have once this week but it was hardly worth calling supper more of a snack, still a Labrador never turns her nose up at anything even vaguely edible.

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