Monday, 3 December 2007

gardens in the rain

We had a busy weekend, on Saturday I got two walks, the first with both M+J and the second on my own, and we played for hours in the garden, the beans were moving bits of garden around – very strange. Sunday was one longish walk to collect the paper from the post office but then it started raining and it seems that beans aren't waterproof like me, I know I get wet but my skin stays warm and dry – it's really good, I just shake and go. Instead of another walk we played fetch indoors and wreck the cardboard box, I'm very good at that, but after tea I still had lots of energy and was rather bored so I asked Cara to play and she said yes but the beans said no – boring old beans. So I snoozled for a bit and then woke ready to go again and this time my bean gave me a kong stuffed with bread and cheese, that was lovely and kept me quiet for a while, until almost bed time.

Today I've been having 'serious training' I'm not sure about this, it involves lovely meaty treats, today it was corned beef, but it also means having to behave and if I forget myself, which if I'm honest I do rather easily, I'm a Gemini with a butterfly brain apparently, then I get pulled into line and growled at or ignored and I don't like that.

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