Monday, 6 August 2007

What a busy weekend.

On Friday afternoon I woke up from my post lunchtime snooze and I was wearing my frock (that's a collar to the uninitiated) I'm not sure I like it that much although everyone says how fetching it looks. It's a bit annoying but I forget about it quite quickly.

Saturday we went in the big black car, I sat on The Mother's lap. It was a long way and I got a bit restless so they pressed a button and suddenly a strange man started singing out of the door – most peculiar but it didn't last long. We stopped and The Girl carried me to a new building, I had to sit still for a bit and then another strange man called us into a room. He looked at me and poked and prodded a bit and THEN he stuck a needle in my scruff – it's a good job I've got lots of spare skin there otherwise it would have really, really hurt but I'm a big bold girl so I didn't grumble about it. I got weighed too, I've put on 1.25kilos in a week, I'm now 7.75kg! After that we came back home and I slept a lot. Maia and Juno say the man with the needle is call 'Vet'.

Saturday evening we watched the talking box - this is really interesting with moving pictures and sound. It was obviously very good because the humans kept jumping up and down and shouting. Maia says it's something called rugby and they normally do this in the winter not usually in the summer.

More discoveries on Sunday. We did lots of things and did lots of sleeping because it was sooo hot! I know about rain we've had lots of that since I was born but this hot ball of fire in the sky is something new. And then I met the guinea pigs. These are small brown and white beings, they go 'weeeaak' and scuttle about a bit in a cage on the grass. They seem quite friendly and came to greet me but they went back to munching the grass and when the cage is moved they behind lovely long bits of very chewy paper. Cara likes these too.

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