Tuesday, 21 August 2007

A weekend of outings.

On Saturday I went in the car four times! First time was to the vet for another needle. It was very interesting. There were lots of other animals and I got weighed again. I'm 9.7kg – even the vet (a nice lady vet this time) said I was big for my age and she commented on the glossiness of my coat. Then back in the car for trip number two and this time we came back to the house. I was just settling down when I was put in the car again; this was a quick one with a very short stop but only The Mother got out of the car and then got back in and we ended up back at the house. I had a good sleep after that and then – we got in the car again! This time all my people got out and I was left in the car with only Maia. But it wasn't for too long and my Girl came back and we set off again only to end up back at the house again. After tea the other black girls went out (in the car I think) leaving me to play with Cara. When they came back they brought nice smells of food. We got some of it, it's called rice and it's sticky but tastes very nice which makes it worth while chasing the silly little bits all over the floor.

I'm getting very good at stairs now and can even manage to dismantle and climb over the barrier at the bottom of the stairs to go exploring.

I've had some more time walking round and round the garden on my lead. I think I'm getting better.

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