Friday, 10 August 2007

Lots and lots of news

I have such a lot to tell you. The vital bit of electric string that connects Goathland with the rest of the world broke and we've been incommunicado ever since – well until now obviously.

Monday was a day of discoveries. First I discovered cupboards – this house has lots of them, some of them with plates in, others with human bean food, some hot ones (called aga), others which are cold and called fridge and one which is very, very, very cold and is called freezer. Then there are magic cupboards there's the one with the round door where the people put in nice smelly clothes and they come out all wet and not smelly. And then there the one where all the plates that I'd like to lick go, they stay there for a day or so and like the clothes they come our all clean too.
After my post-lunch snooze I went out and found this lovely black rock it leaves black lines on the yard and makes my tongue all black too. The people didn’t approve and took it away, Maia says it called coal and they burn it in the winter to make a lovely warm fire (not sure what all of that is yet but I'll let you know). My last discovery of the day was the big black car which is called discovery – it says it on the door. Maia and I got in the big door at the back and Juno sat on the seat in front– don't know why she doesn't come with us, perhaps there's not enough room. Anyway the noisy bit started and then we went out, I can just see out and I watched some of the world go by, but there was an envelope in the door and tearing that was more interesting. After a bit we stopped and we all got out and guess what? – we'd not gone anywhere at all we were still outside the house, this needs more investigation.

Tuesday I went off on an adventure. There are lots of stairs, the people and Maia too sometime go up them. Well, obviously, I was curious and wanted to know why they kept going up them, so I saved my energy and I went up too. There's another whole house up there – it's amazing. And there's this strange window which has another little doggie in it – wherever I went it followed but it couldn't come out of the window so I had to leave it behind.

Wednesday was a bit boring. There are boxes on the stairs and I can't get past them to carry on my adventure. The people seemed very concerned about the lack of string to the rest of the world and much time was spent plugging in new bits of string and new bits of machinery appeared – it all made strange noises and so did the people there were lots of sighs and huffs and grunts. After tea we went in the big black car again, we were in there longer and the view was different but we ended up back at the house again – very strange we'll have to go again.

Thursday was another boring day in the office – it's very tiring this 'work' lark. In the evening when it got cooler I was playing the garden practising being a gardener which was great. Then all the other dogs were made to go inside and the Girl attached a bit of rope to my collar and pulled it. I didn’t like that and tried my very best to stop it and I yelped and pulled backwards at one point I even fell over but my Girl who is usually so kind and caring just stood there and watched me. When I stood up again and walked a little bit she told me I was good girl and we went a bit further. Then I tried to get out of my collar again and my Girl just stood and stopped talking to me. I like being talked to especially when it's nice words like good girl and well done. I seem to get these when I walk along so I'll try that for a bit and see how it goes – I'll let you know the results.

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