Monday, 23 July 2007

Big developments

The people hauled Cara's (she's the Irish Wolfhound) cage out of the store room – I helped of course. It was a big thing, we had to move the old trunks, the big box of bonios, log baskets, bins of bird food, big white cushions and then lift up and over the trunks and assorted boxes. It rattled and clanked and finally was out on the landing, covered in lovely cobwebs, while I investigated these to see if any spiders remained the people pushed all the junk back to the end of the store room. Then they carried the cage (or indoor kennel as they insist on calling it) downstairs, the cobwebs got mostly removed and the thing put together. I'd forgotten how big it really is although Cara can't get in it now. Poor her, it's a good place to be as you get treats, food and toys but I'm not that keen on having the door closed behind me.

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