Friday, 5 October 2007

sorry, folks - I've been busy.

I've been very busy - too busy to tell you all about it. But when I write it down it sounds rather boring.

I've done lots of walking, a bit of training, been out in the big black car on the back seat wearing my green harness (which has had to be let out a couple of times) and in the dog compartment with Maia. But nothing really exciting has happened. We go to work, I sleep, I go out, I sleep some more, we finish work, we eat, I go for a walk, I torment the hound a bit, we watch the box with the moving pictures, especially the game with the oval ball which makes the Beans very excited, we all go to bed – and that's it really. Although I have been making some discoveries when not sleeping.

I like I like loo roll, just like the puppy on the television (all loo roll now removed from range –Beans are rotten).

I like gardening – well I think I do, bull rushes are very tasty, sweet pea flowers are quite tasty too. But I have found some plants that fight back, there's the green one that stings and the long spiky one that grabs you which is very painful if it's your ear or nose. I also met the buzzy stripy flying things, they go crunch but apparently (according to Cara) they can make your mouth blow up – which would not be good, I have to eat. But I have discovered digging which is very good so perhaps I'll be archaeologist.

On the new front: I have several new teeth and a new collar too.

Also I got weighed, I'm now 2stone 12lbs or roughly 18kg, our scales aren't that accurate.

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