Friday, 17 August 2007

More adventures....

Monday - We had visitors today. Flag came to say hello, he's been in the wars and is wearing the most ridiculous lampshade. He was quite embarrassed about it and didn't want to play.

Tuesday – today's excitement was a new toy – it's a bell with a ball around it and it jingles when you roll it. It's really, really good. And more visitors, the people from the 'shop' (whatever that is) came to say 'Hi', they really liked me and stayed for a while. They have two Labradors but I wasn't allowed to meet them.

Wednesday – another boring day although there was a delivery of lots of boxes which were carried upstairs. After the boxes went upstairs they came back down again! My people do some very strange things. But I was allowed to investigate the boxes and I had lots of bits of cardboard to play with. I like cardboard. Later on after tea I worked out how to get past the boxes and climb the stairs, it's really good up there, lots of new rooms and things to sniff, lick, pounce on. And the doggie in the window is still there, I wonder it what it does when we're not there. I hope it doesn't get lonely.

When I went out after supper there was a strange browny green waddling thing, it didn’t taste very nice at all. Maia says it's a toad and to pick them up you carefully slide your bottom jaw under its belly and lift, that way you don't get the nasty taste on your tongue, but I don't think my mouth is big enough yet. I hope it comes back soon then I can try it.

Thursday. More office work, but I've been upstairs again. I really do like it up there. I walked round the garden on my lead again today. I'd still rather explore on my own but then again I do like all the good girls.

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