Thursday, 18 July 2013


After losing Juno and Finnegan last year we decided that 2013 would be the year in which we got a puppy.  By a strange fluke of chance we were in contact with Mittenhills (origin of Juno & Maia) who, as luck would have it, were planning a litter in the spring.  Wonderful, we put our names down for a bundle.  Eventually Jess came into season and everything was looking good she was positive she was having pups and so were we - but the five-week scan showed it was all in her imagination; sad faces all round.  And so the search began. I found a lovely looking lot but the breeders were sending their pups home at six weeks, way too early.  The search continued.  Some things are meant to be, Eastgate didn't have enough of Maia's pills in stock so I got half and would pick the rest on the next Saturday, when I called in their file had just been updated with information on a new litter, just around the corner - literally.
As soon as I got home I phoned and went to have a look a day later.  Wonderful we've found our puppy! I reserved Queen's Drive who will be known as Dido (Queen of Carthage), but they were only six weeks old and their personalities were not really developed although they are wonderful bouncing bundles, click through for some pics.  I returned a week later and picked my pup; we collect her on Saturday - eek!
Puppy cage and baby gate have been liberated from under the spare bed, the girls are getting used to less space in their doghouse.  Box of puppy paraphernalia dug out of the cupboard, lots of collars, leads and a few puppy sized toys.  But the smallest sized collar is missing, ah yes puppy number four was one too many and the soft leather split.  And what in the name of all that's holy has happened to the puppy dish? One word: Finnegan! more chewed plastic than dish, a new one is in order.
Time for a shopping trip.
New collar, lead, dish and a small heap of toys plus 15kg of puppy food and we're set.

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