Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Problematic resolutions.

OK the food resolutions are proving a little tricky. 
First the new food every month.  Not managed one yet.   I'm struggling to find something new and untried (and edible) in our little corner of the world, there are few artisan shops offering unusual delicacies.   Not helped by the weather meaning we've been  relying on the store cupboard and asda deliveries.  I think I'm going to have turn to the internet, but that means I have to decide what to try and search for - kind of takes some of the fun out of it. 
Brand new recipes are somewhat difficult too.  Over the weekend I was reading a wonderful recipe for chocolate mousse cake, fantastic picture lovely ingredients  it all sounded great until I got to the middle of the mousse instructions, "whip the egg yolks in the cream and boil" that's it, as they say on Dragon's Den, "I'm out".  Same problem with an almond chocolate cheesecake.  Thought we'd try potato gnocchi, deep frying could be troublesome on the aga but I was willing to try,  however in the recipe - yes, you've guessed it, bind with egg - argh!  Next one, what about a cobbler?  Cobbler scones are made with yoghurt, no that won't do either.  
The weather and time constraints did ease up and I was able to source some almond nut butter for the almond cookies.  The nut butter was rather strange, oil on top to be mixed with the stiff nut paste below.  The biscuits themselves were easy to make although the raw mix did taste a little odd.  12 little rounds sitting on the baking tray (and yes, I forgot the photo again), 25-30 minutes said the recipe, um, well.  10 minutes in soft and expanding, turned them round, 15 mins in beginning to skin, 20 minutes in and they're black, charred offerings worthy of King Alfred.  I think it was the high fat content from the nut butter and the butter-butter.  It's not put me off so I will try again (once I've got some more ingredients!)  and this time tinker with the heat settings and timings. 
Which all means that for now I'm stuck with the tried and tested - although last night's pancakes were delicious!

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