Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Well, that was a surprise.

A while ago the Bean arrived home smelling all funny, I rubbed myself all over her to make sure that she smelt of me so that was OK.  But then...
She came home smelling funny again and this time brought two small dogs with her, they have the funny smell.  They're not like my terrier friend Moss although they're about the same size, they're little mes with squeaky barks and sharp teeth and I'm not really sure about it, I'm always the 'Smallest'.  They've taken over the house and monopolized my Bean.  It looks like they're staying so we'll have to get things sorted.  But I'm not standing for it, when they get too running about I bark at them and tell them to stop no matter how much I'd really like to join in because Bean says I can't and if that's what she says then... And it doesn't matter that it's hot I have to lie on my Bean because I want big, huge hugs to let her know that I'm still here and she says that I'm her best dog, and calls me beautiful girl, so that's alright then. Now she has a pocket full of lovely euk and when the little'uns are called in I go too because I get pieces of euk as well. So there are some good things about them too.  Now I might be imagining it but they seem a bit bigger now so maybe they'll be as big as me, or Maia one day - that would be good 'coz then maybe I could play with them, you never know.

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