Monday, 22 July 2013

Meet the New Arrivals!

Yes, plural! Having taken it under advisement and after much thought we've decided that we're up to managing two.

So why two?  We've always had pups as singletons before but this time I decided to chance my arm (and I realise I very well may live to regret it) and double the 'pack size' in one fell swoop rather than with two lots of disruption within a short time span.  I really wish they could arrive at five or six months old when I can really get into the 'proper' training but you would miss so much of their development and the opportunity to shape them from the start so small squidges must be dealt with (and they are kinda cute when they're good - for good read sleepy!).  Although we now number four as Maia is now an old lady of thirteen and her injured back is making her ever less of an integral team member which means that I'm really only dealing with three and that was one of the main forces in the decision.  With a team of three I can work with one whilst two are company for each other and when working with a pair (Hebe plus pup) for a short time the other has a chance to be alone and develop some independence, this started from the day (well the day after) they came home.  Each pup is an individual with her own personality and will have her own training schedule and handling regime although they all sleep together in the dog house, pups currently in the huge wolfhound cage (sorry crate), big girls on the mattress they should all be sharing the space by late autumn and the cage can go back in storage come spring - well that's the plan.

So will you all please welcome Hester and Dido.

(Hester on the left wearing the very fetching red collar, Dido on the right with the very smart black collar)

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