Monday, 14 January 2013

The cookery year

Has begun.  New recipe trialled this weekend was for a pineapple and almond cake. Fresh pineapple and brown sugar in the bottom and the cake mix on top, the strangest cake I've made; it's more like a butter cream held together with a little flour and ground almonds.  It rose up like a souffle over the top of the tin.  The only problem was trying to keep gas 4 (180 C) for 40 minutes and the edges got a little, shall we say over brown! Anyway it's served with the bottom on the top so slicing off the brown bits didn't matter.  It was lovely served hot with whipped cream and even better cold with a drizzle of pouring cream, only a couple of slices left.  So that's one for the book but with the cooking instructions left in pencil pending further attempts and some fine tuning.
(note to self, take some photos before you eat the results...)

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