Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Green thingy

I think my beans are really rotten spoilsports.  I've spent months working out how to get the lid off the black bin by the back door, it's always full of lovely smelly, really tasty things.  I finally worked out how to get stuff from the bottom by balancing on my elbows; it's not advisable to put both front feet in because then you can't get out again so your "help me" barks get all muffled and if a bean hears you you get scragged or if you tip it up to get out the contents get nicked by the other dogs but at least then everyone gets scragged when the bean turns up.  Anyway, after working out how to nudge the lid aside and to pull out the really best bits now those rotten beans have gone and tied the lid on with a green stretchy thingy.  I've tried nudging the lid up, pushing it sideways with my nose, pulling with my paws but it just won't shift.  I'm watching them very carefully because they don't seem to have any problems.  There must be a way in....

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