Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Birthday Blackout

Maia was 10 yesterday and still naughty! A small heap of pressies was gratefully received by Hebe. One already has a large hole (small destroyer strikes again).

Mid evening the lights went out, then 10-15 mins later a low voltage returned, not enough to run any equipment but for the lights to give a dull glow. The UPS is still without a battery which meant that the server started screaming but wouldn't go off because there was still a little power running through it, we ended up pulling the plugs on all the computers and printers. The evening was passed in conversation, reading and cards. Just after 10 even the low voltage failed and we were plunged into total darkness but Juno's Christmas gift of a head torch saved the day - perfect for power outs. NEDL kept us informed and at one point they said they had over 4,000 properties without power. As we decided to head for bed the lights came back on.

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