Sunday, 7 March 2010


Opened the cupboard to get the ingredients to make some bread and the top shelf was infested with hundreds of small brown beetles which were tumbling down onto the other shelves and, as we soon discovered, down in the cupboards below. I think they must have come in with the new wheatgerm I bought a couple of weeks ago. They had eaten into the bags holding the old wheatgerm and oatmeal which, of course, then flew everywhere when the bags were picked up. Needless to say the cupboards have been emptied, thoroughly cleaned and every jar, bag and bowl checked, cleaned and as there haven't been any beetle sightings for 24 hours have now been replaced.

The tooth saga continues, the new filling disintegrated less than 12 hours after being put in and this time took a chunk of tooth, dentist closed over the weekend so fingers crossed for an early appointment next week...

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