Saturday, 29 August 2009

Weekend cow & garden

We've been across to Glaisdale today and came home with several large chunks of cow! The girls can't wait until tea tomorrow when they may just get some of the trimmings from the beef. The roads were mad and several visitors in cars, on bikes and on foot tried to write themselves (and their dog on one occcasion)
Spent the rest of the day in the garden, have finally transplanted the hosta to under the new witch hazel - which is supposed to have red flowers in the spring but has small yellow ribbons already! A check with Crocus is in order I think. Then weeding and tidying, a very productive day. But now it's trying to rain.

Both vet patients seem to be improving. Juno's neck is looking much better and Cara's not huffing quite so much. Got some new alternaitve medicines for them this morning. However, Maia's feeling left out and has developed a gluey ear, a few drops of calendula and Merc Cor pills should sort it out.

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