Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Vet's sign off (we hope).

Juno had her stitches out yesterday and has healed well. However, she's got an infection in the skin on her neck, probably where the collar caught on the exposed patch where the blood was taken for pre-anaesthesia checks. So now she's back on the anti0biotics (different ones this time, pink ones which of course means Hebe wants them!) and fuciderm on the oozing patch. It's looking a little better this morning.
Cara is much improved still huffing a little but nowhere near as much and is back to her usual houndish self, didn't realise how off colour (a bit difficult with a grey dog) and quiet she was.

Definite nip of autumn in the air this morning, though it was a bit yesterday but today needed my fleece to go down the yard and out to do jobs this morning. The robins are whistling their territories, a sure sign of the days on the turn.

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