Monday, 17 August 2009


Well, I really think we should take out shares! Juno got a good progress report on Saturday, her wounds are healing well and she's showing no side effects. We've changed Cara appointment to Tuesday afternoon so that she can go straight in for her x-rays and won't have to kept in a holding cage whilst they deal with other cases (very reasonable but a real trauma for Cara).
Hebe, the little monster, has learnt to take the lid of the rubbish bin and is helping herself to kitchen scraps and spreading rubbish across the verandah. She is also standing on the back of the sofa by the window so that she can see out and watch the world go by and give teh rest of the of the pack progress updates in a loud voice.
Although our swifts left about two weeks ago on the way out this morning I heard a single scream and looking up there was one solitary swift circling above the swallows and martins.

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