Monday, 4 November 2013

A Series of Exciting Adventures, the first

It all started with an invitation - to a party.
A Puppy Party that is at the vets, there is a serious reason behind it, to let them explore the surgery and get used to the sights, sounds and most importantly the smells as well as a bit of owner education thrown in.  But, "it's a PARTY!" and The Mother Bean really wanted them to have party frocks, we gently (OK, not so gently) explained that it's not that sort of party and really 'smart casual' (collar and lead) was much more the order of the day; she tried to push for pretty ribbons but there is no way Dido would ever wear a ribbon, especially out in society - she's just not that sort of dog and if Hester (who probably would have been quite happy with bows made from ribbons) tried she'd simply remove them, before destroying them in her own inimitable way - i.e. chewing them into shreds!  Anyway, outfit choices made - black collar and burgundy lead for Dido, red collar and matching lead for Hester - off we went.  They were very good about getting out of the car and walking through the car park, we parked at the top and by the time we'd got to the bottom they'd stopped cavorting and were walking in something akin to a straight line, we all waited by the kerb and crossed the busy road without incident. Into the waiting room to greet the other guests, Hester hung back a little whilst Dido launched herself in with a 'hello, here I am' type of bounce and grin on her face.  I found a seat and Hester sat down nicely, Dido tried to bounce on everyone and when that wasn't allowed let her displeasure be known in quite vocal terms.  When all the guests had arrived Head Nurse Anna talked a little bit about what was going to happen (Dido tried to join in), we had a tour of the practice and when we got to the operating theatre I was amazed at how small it was, I suppose for most animals and procedures it's fine but I had to ask how they'd managed with Finn - two tables and a bit of a tight squeeze was the answer, and his paws were nearly touching the ceiling!  A quick trip to the kennels before going back to the waiting room for some more instruction and QnA session with Laura, as it was lunch time Dido wanted her food but was pacified with pieces of kibble and small chicken treats - which also did quite a good job of shutting her up, the whingy anna!  Finally the pups could all greet, play and general cavort about before being certified and given their party bag; an hour had passed and it was time to go home - tired, educated and happy.  They slept virtually all afternoon....


Certificates for enthusiastic participation - maybe a little too much in Dido's case.

So we have been really busy -  and not blogged it all!
We're going to post a series of adventures in installments, at least that's the plan....

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