Saturday, 29 September 2012

Hound update

Finnegan progressed well, started playing with Hebe again and I never thought I'd be pleased to see him try to pick up a labrador by a back leg! We increased his food and steadily added more eukanuba.  But Finnegan's tummy really doesn't like eukanuba. Over the weekend his ear starts flooding again and by Monday 24th and he's yawning and stretching, both clear indicators of tummy pain and then we notice he's licking his front leg which is red - his skin's flaring up too.  I gave him a full dose of prokinetics which helped, Tuesday morning he seems quite bright and happy but we decreased the quantity of euk however an hour later he's unhappy, stretching, yawning and flat.  More prokinetics.  He's hungry for lunch but we decide no more euk, meat, some left over potatoes and fish only.  I phone Eastgate and Katie agrees that we'll get his allergy tests done as soon as possible, we don't want to risk it any longer but not today, it's the middle of the autumn storm and the roads are awash - and we'll go back to bland food. All Tuesday he's clingy, in pain but still interested in the world and food, Tuesday evening he's being a lapdog.  Wednesday dawns and Finn's a bit brighter but we're not taking any chances, more pills before heading across the moor for his latest blood tests - which proved slightly difficult, he's fed up of being stuck with pins but we did manage to extract the required red stuff, good job he's such a big dog otherwise he'd have run out by now! We have the results of the first battery of tests, his b-vits are normal which means that although his guts are inflamed they are actually working; his thyroid is normal too, so that's double phew.  We invest in some ZD to add to his winalot instead of the euk. He's eating well but by Thursday morning we're now reaching the 24hour mark since he last did a dump, his guts have slowed down again and that filling is causing him pain.  At lunch time a saunter round the garden and he decides that perhaps he is overfull and getting rid of some might be the right idea and a large deposit is made on the lawn, he's much happier after that.
We've now reached Saturday and he's full of beans today and most of those are bad ones!  We're happy with his progress, he's eating well, he's happy and at last beginning to put on some weight.
The sun is shining, the dog is happy and Tigers are winning (even Hebe has gone to sleep in the sun and not hidden away from the oval ball). What could be better?

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