Saturday, 22 September 2012

And what do you do on Saturday?

I'll bet it wasn't to chisel plaster off two walls!

We think Finnegan may have been eating the ancient plaster (and 1910's paint - eek) in his dog house - there goes another one or three of his lives.
So today I've taken all the loose, damaged and scratched plaster off two walls and painted over other dodgy looking bits and where the original green paint is showing through.

Hebe is so excited, "look, Finnegan, it's PINK!"  and "Oh, and so am I - oops."

It's not pink just for Hebes, it was the first colour I found that wasn't green or white and we want to see if the hooligan tries to munch any more and to stop any attempts to lick the (probably poisonous) green paint.

Oh yes, and meet our resident Porpoise - it gets cross, swims off its wall and gets into the middle of conversations. (take that apart and put it back in a different order and....).  This wall has been used for years for laying off brushes, thus the odd collection of colours and somehow one of my blues took on the shape of a dolphin; having got the head the tail wasn't entirely accidental.

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