Tuesday, 10 July 2012

We're laying in supplies

Just seen the news that the last two days of the Great Yorkshire have been cancelled, not completely unexpected but what a shame, how are our local shows going to manage?
What a 'summer' we're having. Rain, rain and then just for a change deluge with added thunder. So with this in mind we're laying in supplies:

Hebe in front of our load of logs.
The wood shed never got built, maybe next year. But this little lot should keep us going for a month or two!  Of course with this sort of preparation it's going to be steamingly hot all 'winter'.  But just in case I think we'll check the price of oil and top up the tank, oh and add several more bags of coal to the coal house too, now anything else? (yes, 107 bags of Euk - OK Hebe.)

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