Wednesday, 11 July 2012

It's not all doom and gloom

The garden might be a mess but under the shelter of bigger bushes my apothecary's rose Madame Hardy has managed to flower, the pure white glows in the darkness of the foliage.
Being protected so far her lovely petals remain unmarked by the rain, but for how much longer I wonder.

Fortunately Sweet Peas are more resilient, the first one opened on Tuesday, in the pouring the rain and today (before the, yes you've guessed it, rain) I cut the first bunch.  I really wish you could upload a smell file, the perfume is magnificent especially now they're warmer indoors.

I always grow several varieties to give a mixture of colours but all five of the first bunch are the darker maroon and pinks.  It looks like there are a couple of paler pink or cream (can't tell yet) which are almost ready to open but as yet no blues, I wonder if the weather has affected the timing of the flower production or maybe the darker flowered plants are simply stronger and better able to cope with the weather.  I suppose to tell we'd have to repeat the conditions and no one wants that.

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