Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Finnegan the foolish hooligan - chapter two

Well, more of Finn the Destroyer than hooligan.
In the last couple of days he has eaten / damaged / destroyed or otherwise chewed:
  • three napkins
  • two towels (only one of which was a dog towel)
  • two television remote controls
  • one invoice (not yet sent)
  • one bottle of nail polish
  • several emery boards
  • the TV paper
  • two pens
  • part of the daily crossword
  • the Past Times catalogue -we didn't want anything - well we don't think we did!
  • the corners of virtually all the dog beds
  • the edge of the hearth rug
  • attempted three different sorts of chair
  • the dining table - only half heartedly not sure if that's because people were present or he was tired
  • tried and was (thankfully) defeated by a box of tissues
  • one purse, leather (which distracted him from the money)
Do you think there might be something lacking in his diet?

(Yes, he says, I'll just eat this labrador's leg)

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