Wednesday, 30 September 2009

What is THAT??

A small heap of brown objects, it's autumn so it must be conkers? Correct. And aren't these very artistically positioned?

Yes, very neatly arranged, on the side of the bath. Yes, that's right the BATH

Well, where do you store conkers? In this house, this autumn, on the bath, on the window sills, in small bowls dotted around in unexpected places. But why? I hear you ask, as you well might. Well, have you heard about the spider invasion? Lots and lots of them had a wonderful summer and are now heading indoors for a pleasant autumn and are really quite looking forward to Christmas...
The resident arachnophobe read that conkers are an excellent spider deterrent - thus conkers all over the house!

PS I'm not really at work but my home account won't work!

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