Thursday, 10 September 2009

plums and fences

Since Juno's escapade with the plums (internal blockage leading to a very poorly dog and very large vets bill) we've made sure the dogs can't gorge on plums. Which makes autumn a little awkward. The plums are now ripe and beginning to drop, not that Hebe or Cara wait for that, picking their own straight from the tree. So every reachable plum has been picked and suitable ones bagged up and dropped in the deep freeze for use later on. But there is still the odd one or two which escaped or dropped before the harvest and is hidden in the undergrowth. Needless to say this is great hunting for the girls who rummage about collecting and eating every little scrap they can find but the odd little piece is not going to cause problems so we've let them be. Today the small black monster (a.k.a Hebe) wasn't content with the plums in our garden and smashed her way through the fence to rootle around on the other side of the hedge. There is now a large Labrador shaped hole in the bottom of the fence by the tree. Until it's fixed labs are on escorted visits to the back garden...

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