Friday, 14 December 2012

It's never simple

So, nearly nine weeks ago Mum did a wonderful (not really) impression of a felled tree and broke her pelvis. Since then it's been slow progress but at last she's walking - ish, very ish and readily transforms into Lurch from the Adams Family or occasionally a demented kangaroo.  A non-walking person can't drive so I've been taking her volvo for 'exercise' but on Sunday's excursion it refused to start.  Flat battery, or so we thought. Organised a new battery and then called the AA to get it started.  Everyone is struggling so call out time was two hours, they then phoned to announce that an 'approved garage' was on route (damn, should have specified a patrol, never mind all we need is a boost and the immobilser unimmobilising) and would be here in half an hour, 45 minutes after the original breakdown was logged.  Designated arrival time came and went, still no mechanic, garage eventually phoned, stuck on another job would be here soon. Finally the van arrived nearly two hours after the original call, he'd come all the way from Darlington. Fortunately he knew how to boost a car when the battery is in the boot next to the spare wheel (I know very lucky to have one of those, but really, who puts a battery at the opposite end from the working section of the car? Those strange Swedes), unfortunately every time the booster pack was unplugged the car died again.  Not just battery but alternator too.
Our AA membership is roadside and home start not relay but little man said he could organise transport, only to return and say, you're not on relay so they won't take - did I not say that, is it not on the membership card you have in your hand?  - your best option is to upgrade and then sort it out and off he went! :0(
Shortly after the AA phoned to enquire how well the service had gone - not well at all was the brusque reply. Half an hour later (thank goodness they phoned us), several bouts of lovely musak and they are organising a flatback, free of charge, to our nearest garage, which is Blue Bank.  We would usually have gone to Chapmans for serious mendings but that would be over £100 just for transport before we even contemplate battery, alternator, mechanic hours etc..... so the new car is being trusted to Donald to put right.

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