Friday, 3 August 2012

Finnegan and the bales

Finally it stopped raining which meant that the Mill Green could be cut. As usual the outside strip of good, dock free, grass was cut, turned and baled first.  Finn wasn't sure about the tractor, a shiny new blue one, but it trundled past and went away, and then did it again.  He decided it was was OK and settled down in his usual flat out "couldn't care less" pose.  The baler was also greeted with equanimity leaving only a single bale from the cut strips in front of the house.  However a couple of days later when the machinery returned to cut, turn and eventually bale the main middle section Finnegan was not happy.   The tractor went down one way turned round and came back, turned again and trundled past again, and again. Couldn't it see that this was most out of order, Finnegan had to watch each pass, his huge head swinging one way and then the next, how he didn't get Wimbledon neck I don't know.  At last the cut was finished and he could relax, only the next day another tractor came and did it all again (turning the grass this time) and again had to be watched every step of the way.  Next up was the baler,  which Mum swore blind looked like a guinea pig regurgitating the big round bales, I'm not sure who found the baling operations more interesting the hound or his owner.  Anyway finally everything was cut and baled.

But then...

Thief in the day time.  And then a low down yellow bellied thief came and stole all Finnegan's bales!
As the loader trundled around gathering up the bales and putting them on a flat bed trailer Finn was most put out, it was stealing and it was stealing HIS bales.  He had to tell it to leave them alone and as he was inside and the thief was outside he decided that high volume was necessary otherwise it wouldn't hear him.  Every bale that was 'stolen' was a cause of great concern.  30 or so later he finally began to realise that they weren't coming back and that the 'thief' wasn't listening - or maybe they were simply beyond the area he considers his but for whatever reason he stopped barking, much to everyone's relief.

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