Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Ball gone missing

My lovely birthday ball went missing, I've found bits of its stuffing but the ball is no where to be found. However, whilst searching for it I found an open drawer and in there was another sort of ball. This one was hard and smelly, I brought it downstairs to play with and chew a bit. When I started breaking bits off it left foamy bits in my mouth that tasted disgusting so I left it alone and went to find my GirlBean, she took one look at me with white lather all round my mouth and promptly dunked my head in the water bucket which also filled with the foamy stuff, so she threw it away, filled the bucket with lovely fresh water and then did it again and not only that but she poured water into my mouth and rubbed round my teeth - yuck! But it got rid of the foul taste and the foam.

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